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Marriage Certificate Apostille India | Marriage Certificate Attestation Delhi

Marriage Certificate Apostille in India

What is Marriage Certificate Apostille?

Marriage Certificate Apostille is a process of a special types of Attestation by MEA which proves its authenticity in a Hague Conventional Country Globally. ‘Apostille’ is a French word which means reauthentication. The Marriage Certificate Apostille is a method of certification in which it obtains a ‘Apostille Sticker’ affixed on it. The Marriage Certificate Apostille is a convenient way to prove the genuineness about its content, signatory as well as origin.

When Marriage Certificate Apostille is required?

Marriage Certificate is considered as an important travel document. When a married Indian citizen is applying a visa for a Hague Conventional Country (HCC), then the Marriage Certificate Apostille is mandatorily required. Apart from the processing of Visa Marriage certificate Apostille is also require for Insurance and to avail other benefits provided by the destination Country.

Who will complete Marriage Certificate Apostille in India?

Ministry of Foreign Affairs or Ministry of External Affairs of any Country is liable to complete Marriage Certificate Apostille. In India, the Ministry of external Affairs / MEA, Govt. of India the competent authority to complete Marriage Certificate Apostille. The MEA, Govt. of India receive the Marriage Certificate for Apostille from the documentation agency like us and complete the Apostille Attestation process.

How to get the Marriage Certificate Apostille in India?

The documentation agencies are considered as a specialist in carrying out the Marriage Certificate Apostille process and it is, therefore, very simple to hire them for Attestation, Authentication, Apostille or even Embassy Legalization of personal documents like Marriage Certificate or other personal documents. We, Abrodex Consultancy Services, are authorized to complete Marriage Certificate Apostille Services in India on behalf of the candidate.

Marriage Certificate Apostille from MEA in Delhi

What is the process of Marriage Certificate Apostille in India?

To obtain an ‘Apostille Sticker and Stamp’ on a Marriage Certificate, it must have to authenticate from a designated authority. Basically, the Marriage Certificate Apostille consists a series of Attestation process. Before 1st January 2019, all the attestation which were require prior Apostille was a centralized and was completed by MEA, Govt. of India itself. But now, all the require Attestation process before Apostille has been distributed to Regional Authentication Centers / RAC of the respective states.

The consecutive process of Marriage Certificate Apostille in India is described as under:

o Notary Attestation on original Marriage Certificate

The Attestation from a Notary Public is considered the first step of Marriage Certificate Apostille Process. The Notary Attestation will be done on the original Marriage Certificate. The Notary Stamp & Sign may be obtained from a local notary. The Notary Attestation is an important requirement for any administrative certification process.

o Regional Authentication Centre / RAC or Home Department Attestation

Marriage Certificate is a personal non-educational document and it will authenticate by the Regional Authentication Centre / RAC of the respective states. In India, the RACs are mainly Home Departments of the State, General Attestation Department / GAD or Regional Passport Offices / RPOs. The High Commissioner of the Marriage Certificate issuing State may also authenticate the it before Apostille.

o Sub Divisional Magistrate / SDM Attestation

Instated of the Attestation from RACs, Home Departments, GADs or RPOs the Attestation from Sub Divisional Magistrate / SDM is considered an alternative process of Attestation before Apostille. The MEA authorized SDM, Delhi is eligible to complete the require Authentication and on behalf of that the Marriage Certificate Apostille will be done by MEA, Delhi. Each and every SDM is not authorized to Authenticate the Marriage Certificate before Apostille.

o Apostille Certification

The Apostille by MEA is the final Step of the Marriage Certificate which is eligible certification for any Hague Conventional Country across the world. In this step, the Ministry of External Affairs / MEA, Government of India provides a self-adhesive printed sticker on the Marriage Certificate. The Apostille sticker contains the name and other details of the applicant and it also contains a MEA stamp and a Signature of the MEA Authority.

Marriage Certificate Apostille in Delhi

How long does it take to get Marriage Certificate Apostille in India?

A Marriage Certificate Apostille in India is not a single step Certification process as such it requires couple of days to complete. The time is dependent on the state level Attestation process where the Marriage Certificate has been issued from. The different state’s time duration to Attest a Marriage certificate is different and it is around from 3 to 45 working days. However, the common methods of Marriage Certificate Apostille after the Attestation from SDM, Delhi will take around two to three working days.

What is the charges to complete a Marriage Certificate Apostille in India?

The Marriage Certificate Apostille charges depends on the require process to be done. If the Marriage Certificate is authenticated from the respective departments before Apostille, then the cost is very much lesser than those documents which are not. If a Marriage Certificate Apostille is to be completed all the way from Notary Attestation to MEA Apostille then the charges is different and depend on the state of issue. If wish to know in detail, please contact us, we’ll provide the fees details.

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Marriage Certificate Apostille Attestation in Delhi

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