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Unmarried | Single Status Affidavit or Certificate Apostille for Venezuela

Unmarried Affidavit Certificate Apostille for Venezuela in India

What is Unmarried Certificate / Unmarried Affidavit?

An Unmarried Affidavit or Certificate is a legal documented proof of marital status of a citizen. It is also known as Single Status or Marriageability Certificate and some Country it is considered as No Impediment Certificate or Bachelorhood Certificate. It is an on-oath declaration that the person is eligible to marry with a foreign National or in a foreign Country.

How to avail a Single-Status / Unmarried Certificate in India for Venezuela?

An Unmarried Affidavit or Eligibility to get married Certificate can be availed from a family court or Sub Divisional Magistrate / SDM having jurisdiction of the area of the residential address of the applicant planning to marry in Venezuela.

Why an Unmarried Certificate or Affidavit is required for Venezuela?

As per international immigration rule, an Unmarried / Single Status / Bachelorhood / Marriageability / No Impediment Affidavit or Certificate is required when someone wishes to marry in a Foreign Country like Venezuela. This legal document confirms the actual marital status of the person eager to marry in Venezuela.

What is Unmarried Affidavit or Single Status Certificate Apostille for Venezuela?

Bachelorhood Certificate Apostille in India

A marital status document is required to solemnize marriage in Venezuela so the authenticity of the Unmarried / Single Status / No Impediment / Marriageability / Bachelorhood document needs to be confirmed by the origin Country. Venezuela is a Hague Conventional Country as such the marital status document needs to be Apostille from Ministry of External Affairs / MEA, Government on India.

What is the process of Unmarried Affidavit Apostille in India for Venezuela?

Unmarried Affidavit or Single Status Certificate Apostille for Venezuela is not a single step process. In the first step, the marital status Certificate Attestation will be done from ‘Notary Public’. In the second step, it will be Attested from the Regional Attestation Center / RAC or the Home Department of the issuing State. Finally, the Unmarried / Bachelorhood Certificate will be Apostille from Ministry of External Affairs / MEA, Govt. of India for Venezuela.

In addition of the above-mentioned process of Unmarried Affidavit Apostille from MEA, there is an ‘alternative process of Apostille for Venezuela’ of Unmarried Affidavit also. In this process the Bachelorhood Affidavit will be Attested from Sub Divisional Magistrate / SDM, Delhi instated of the Attestation from RAC or Home Department of the State.

What is the time frame to complete an Unmarried Affidavit Apostille for Venezuela in India?

Single Status Affidavit Apostille Attestation for Venezuela

The time frame to complete the Unmarried Affidavit of Single Status / Bachelorhood Certificate Apostille Attestation depends on the state of issue in India. The time frame may vary from three to forty-five working days. However, the Unmarried Affidavit Apostille for Venezuela can be completed within three working days through alternative process as mentioned earlier here.

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